Telecom & VoIP Hosting

Move your phone system to the cloud.

Yaletown Tech’s Hosted VoIP is the simplest and most affordable choice for your business’ phone system.
We can help you manage and boost your office phone setup.

reduced telephone costs

Reduce Phone Costs

Enjoy the benefits of a full featured big corporate phone system without the bill.

VoIP is easy to use

Easy to Use

Improve productivity with our easy to use suite of Hosted VoIP features, including auto attendants and unlimited voicemail boxes.

full support VoIP service

Support Every Step of the Way

Fully supported by our knowledgeable technical staff. Our solutions are engineered to support any size request.


Enjoy the benefits of a full featured phone network with Yaletown Tech’s Hosted PBX system.
Fully supported by our technical team.

Voice Menus

Fax to Email

Conference Bridge


Call Queues

Unlimited Calling with North America

Music on Hold

Call Transfer

Time Based Routing

Call Parking

Operator Panel

Ring Groups

Simultaneous Ringing

Call Recording

Mobile Phone App

Voice to Email

Set Caller id

Dial by Name Directory

SMS / Text Messaging

BLF (Busy Lamp Fields)

Numbers in Other Cities

Conference Calling (Phone Feature)

Why Make the Switch to VoIP?


The convenience of a telephone system, regardless of where in the world you are. As long as you have an internet connection, you can be contacted and make calls through the same phone number. Since it is Cloud-based, phone traffic can be routed to any location connected to the Internet, and functions typically exclusive to the office can be accessed anywhere.


Based on your needs, a VoIP telephone system can be fully customized.


The cost of using a VoIP telephone is much cheaper than using a conventional phone.
Making long distance phone calls are also cheaper when compared to traditional charges.

Better Response Times.

A business phone system can change the way you and your employees work and conduct daily business transactions. A business that can have a single phone number that simultaneously rings on several devices and unified messaging with notifications to emails, text message or phone are always connected.

Compelling benefits and lower cost explain its emerging status as a dominant solution for today’s organizations and workforce.


We offer standard packages as well as custom solutions
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Bottom Tier
3 Extensions
1 Incoming Phone Number
Regular Business Use
Middle Tier
6+ Extensions
3 Incoming Phone Numbers
Regular Business Use
Top Tier
12+ Extensions
4+ Incoming Phone Numbers
Outbound Telemarketing


We offer a selection of phones and accessories for your office

Support & Manuals

A catalog of our resources and user manuals are listed below
If you have any further questions, our technical team is readily available to help